Alaska Traffic Company - 60th Anniversary
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Delivering Your Freight To and From Alaska with Care

Relax and enjoy reliable freight forwarding, consolidation, and logistics services at competitive prices between Alaska and other points in the USA.

Delivering freight to virtually all points in Alaska can be challenging. The distance, open-ocean, arctic weather, remote locations and other conditions make shipping to and from Alaska truly unique.

Your Alaska Transportation Specialist

Alaska Traffic Company specializes in delivering freight between Alaska and other points in the USA. Every process, every system, and every one of our experienced team members is dedicated to the safe, timely delivery of your freight. Our extensive Alaska experience, solid transportation network and tenacity are unequalled when it comes to delivering your freight. Occasionally, delays or issues occur. When they do, you can count on timely communication and action to mitigate the impact to your business or project.

"… for over 25 years… [Alaska Traffic’s] attention to detail, unparalleled customer service and competitive rates have made us a loyal customer…"

Jacob Petersen, President
Commercial Contractors, Inc., Anchorage, AK

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At Alaska Traffic, we don't just take orders, we take responsibility. Ensuring your freight arrives in top condition is one of our highest priorities. Extra steps and preparation at our Seattle (Kent), Washington facility helps to ensure your freight has a safe and timely journey to your door. You are represented by a seasoned manager who has the experience and authority to make decisions and solve problems to expedite your shipment.

Customized Service

Your products are important to us, whether they fill an entire container or a corner of one. Do you have special requirements? We're ready to design a shipping or freight consolidation program for maximum flexibility.

Keeping You In Touch With Your Shipment

Get the status of your shipment when you want it. When is your shipment leaving? Is it complete? What about cutoffs? Which container is it in? When will it arrive? Up-to-date information is available online when you want it. Track your shipment online, receive an email or fax twice weekly detailing the shipments currently on hand or in transit to you, or login.

Alaska Traffic - You Can Count On Us

Contact us about shipping needs and a program specifically design to fit them. Put us to work for you and discover why Alaska Traffic has been the preferred transportation and freight forwarding consolidator for over six decades.


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